Making a stop-motion animation is a long journey, especially when the production is run by an independet artist. 


Hello! This is Mari, the creator of Sanpomichi. We have been on the journey of making this animation piece for the last couple of years now. I aim to finish in 2018. After a long period of making hundreds of tiny props day after day,  the production has just entered a serious stage; shooting. Animating frame by frame is a time consuming process. A five-seconds-scene could easily take 2 weeks or more to shoot. As an independet artist, my rolls are creator, writer, director, producer, designer, prop maker and solo animator. All I wish is to focus, keep the production moving foward to premire on time.


We are still raising funds! Your support will cover the cost of studio consumables such like light bulbs, glue, paint, wood, external hard drives etc... Anything left over will go to artists helping with the animation. 

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